New Horizon Schools

Unprejudiced opportunities for quality education

Our school was founded in 2006 to provide a place where not only our children could receive an education but also the children from the surrounding community.

We believe that through quality education we can break the cycle of poverty and equip the children of today with the skills and knowledge needed for a better and brighter future. Each step at school prepares them to start life as a young adult with positive energy. Since 2006, the school has grown from being just a nursery to include a Primary School as well as a Secondary Vocational School. Each year over 350 boys and girls from 3 to 18 years old attend our schools.

About 65% of the students that attend our schools are from some of the poorest and neediest families in the surrounding villages. We educate children regardless of their family situation, gender, age or religion. Through our sponsorship program hundreds of children from the community also receive quality education.


Nursery School Learning by Playing

At our Nursery School playing is not forbidden, it is encouraged. We believe playing stimulates learning and creativity more than copying words and numbers from the blackboard. Our classrooms are filled with toys, posters, puzzles and eager to learn students.


Primary School Laying the Foundation

At our Primary School we focus on the total development of the child: academic, creative, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Our library is stocked with books and we also organize out-of-the-classroom activities like sports, debates, quizzes and outings.


Secondary Vocational School Training for Life

Our combination of academic education and vocational skills is unique for Uganda. While students follow a normal six year secondary education, they also receive trade certificate for vocations like carpentry, catering, brick laying or electrical installation.

Sponsor an Education

Sponsor an Education Break the Cycle of Poverty

Help us break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring the education of a child from the poorest families in the surrounding villages. You’ll be updated on their progress and we’ll send you their report card each year.