Malnutrition Program

Ensuring a healthy start to life

Most of the villagers living in the surrounding areas are subsistence farmers and rely heavily on what they can grow themselves to feed their families. Factors like too little or too much rainfall have a big impact on their food supply leading to many of the children being fed too much of the same type of food or just not enough food. It can also result in the reduced ability of the mother to breast feed which leads to malnutrition.

And because the first six years of a child’s life are critical to their physical and mental development, the Malnutrition Program was started in 2013 in conjunction with Mulago State Hospital in Kampala to professionalise and expand the care for these children.

Children admitted to the medical clinic are looked after by a family member and medical staff 24 hours a day and are only discharged when they’ve reached a healthy weight. Afterwards, the family is encouraged to return for check-ups to monitor the child’s well-being. Since 2013, over 200 children have been admitted and the majority of them recovered.

The next step for the malnutrition clinic is to support families with food supplements and knowledge to prevent chronic malnutrition. This requires outreaches to these isolated families to further educate them in these matters. However funds to reach these families and support the program are currently not sufficient so Noah’s Ark is looking for support for this cause. Please visit our "How you can Help" if you'd like to support us with this program.

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