Mission and Vision

From Nobody to Somebody

From Nobody to Somebody

Actions or circumstances can result in families or society treating a child or an adult as a 'nobody'. This person is not worthy of any effort, money or trouble. Noah's Ark is in the business of transforming 'nobodies' into somebodies by giving them a family that cares, by putting effort into their spiritual well being, their education and their health. And our aim is not for 'nobodies' to come dependent on us, but to turn in them to confident people who are 'somebody'.

A Holistic and Christian approach to Child Development and Care.

Our work is centered around children. In every aspect of our work their development comes first. We believe good development has its foundation in Christian values. All the choices we make are motivated by the desire to raise them to be self-confident, reliable, respectable individuals. We do not separate them our work but involve them wherever we see an opportunity for them to learn, develop or express themselves.