About Us

How we started and where we are going

Noah's Ark Children's Ministry Uganda (NACMU) is a non-denominational Christian organization founded in 1999 by Piet (Peter) and Pita Buitendijk that runs a children's home, a nursery, primary and secondary school, a medical clinic and carries many more social and medical outreach programs in the surrounding community.

Noah's Ark focuses on Uganda's most vulnerable children and the poverty stricken community in the immediate area. Over the years Noah's Ark has impacted the lives of thousands of children and adults. Currently over 190 children call Noah's Ark home, more than 350 students are enrolled in our schools and our medical clinic has helped countless others in the surrounding community.

Peter and Pita with a small selection of the children

How We Started

Piet and Pita started by taking abandoned and abused children into their rental home in Kampala. Soon the number of children needing a safe place grew so large that the building became too small. Preparations were made to move to a bigger compound and in 2006 Piet, Pita and their children found their new home on the current compound.

How we Started

Left: The rental home in Kampala. Center and right: the Children's Home under construction

Over the years

As the youngest children grew older, we decided to build'family units' so we could give them an as normal as possible family life. Very soon our oldest children will reach an age where they will stand on their own to feet.

When we founded the New Horizon School it was only a Primary School with a nursery and the lower classes but today our New Horizon Schools offer a full range of education from Nursery School through to Secondary Vocational School. Aside from the children from our children's home, classrooms are filled with hundreds of children from the surrounding community, many coming from the poorest families in the surroundings. None of these families could afford school fees but their children are able to attend our schools on sponsorship basis. The school has grown with the children and last year we had the first group of students graduating from Secondary School.

Our medical clinic serves children, students and staff living on our compound as well as members from the community. The main focus of our clinic are mothers, children and malnutrition but we offer general, high-quality health care at affordable rates.

Over the years hundreds of unwanted, abandoned or abused children have found a loving place in our children's home where they receive the love, care and attention every child deserves. We've also been able to successfully resettle hundreds of children back into their own families or with adoptive parents within Uganda. Noah's Ark Compound

An areal view of Noah's Ark's compound

The Future

Our mission and our work will not stop. We will continue to provide children in need with a home, safety and love. We hope our children will one day start healthy families of their own and break the cycle of poverty, carelessness and abuse. For our New Horizon graduates, we have the ambition for them to go out into the world and for them not be job seekers, but job creators. Day after day we are working for a better future for our children, our students and for Uganda. We welcome you to be part of our work. Find out how you can help.